I arrived in Cambridge in 2007, young, starry-eyed, and broke. My friends were all living in subsidized housing or student housing. Every spring we would go through our wardrobes and swap clothes, so that we could feel like we had something new to wear. But Cambridge was our playground. I learned to run along the banks of the Charles River. I got to meet some of my favorite authors at literary events around the city. I’ve eaten at iconic bars and restaurants here, and wandered through countless fairs and parades. Cambridge has introduced me to some of the most caring, creative, courageous, selfless individuals in the world. I have learned about what I value from those people and this city.

I value hard work and self-sacrifice. I value a society that values hard work and self-sacrifice. I value candor, tolerance, and open-minded discussion. I want to live in a society that has a multifaceted and historically-informed understanding of fairness, that acknowledges its biases and works to resist and redress them. In my city, I want pedestrians, bikes, cars, buses, and trains to all belong. I want historic and social character alongside modern, sustainable growth. I value accessible education for everyone from the youngest to the oldest among us, and I value a strong system of social services, based first on forgiveness and non-judgment, for those who stumble. I want everyone who lives here to feel like they belong here.

I believe in Cambridge. I believe Cambridge has the potential to lead the world toward a better future. I commit to holding myself to the high standards I have outlined here, and I hope you will hold every politician who asks to serve you to those same high standards.