Affordable Communities | Homelessness | Drug Addiction & Overdose | Education

Affordable Communities

The rising cost of living in Cambridge is endemic, with luxury condominiums pricing even moderate-income families out of the city. I struggle to afford to live here, and regularly have to make sacrifices to stay in the city I love. I know the humiliation of being turned away by landlords who think holding a housing voucher makes a tenant undesirable. Even with the support of a housing voucher, prices in Cambridge are often just too high to apply the voucher support. Families are being saddled with exorbitant internet access costs in an age where broadband is as essential as any utility. An inclusive society would never stand for this. To maintain our vibrant, diverse community, Cambridge must increase the availability and accessibility of affordable housing and utilities.


Public health starts with a roof over the heads of every member of our community. Several other cities across the country have championed a Housing First policy and it’s time for Cambridge to step up with a Housing First policy that includes social services.

Drug Addiction & Overdose

Cambridge is experiencing a crisis of addiction and overdose, the severity of which we are only beginning to acknowledge. We must work to end the shame and silence around drug addiction by honoring and giving voice to the victims of drug overdose and their families. We must put aside harmful stigmas about drug use and its victims, and be receptive to courageous, evidence-based solutions.


I am the product of the New York and California public school systems, a fourth generation public university graduate, and I fervently believe in the power of public schooling. Right after college, I went to work teaching in the inner-city. Any former or current teacher can tell you: resources matter, but teachers matters most. Cambridge must attract the best teachers Massachusetts has to offer.