Meet Gwen

The daughter of two scientists, and descending from a long line of natural-born educators and activists, Gwen has dedicated her life to service and education. She has worked at Human Rights Watch and Teachers Without Borders, and at the University of California, Berkeley, Gwen studied Spanish in preparation for teaching 5th grade in an Oakland, California English Language Immersion classroom. In Cambridge, Gwen works with college students applying for scholarships and fellowships. She got her Master’s degree from the Harvard Extension School at night, while working full time to support her family, and still continues to take classes. (This spring marked Gwen’s 50th semester of school!) Alarmed by the pervasiveness of substance abuse and mental illness in Massachusetts, Gwen received her Master’s in Psychology and researched adolescent overdose.

Armed with education, passion, and a heavy dose of personal responsibility, Gwen has now decided to enter local politics. The rising cost of living has put Cambridge almost out of reach for her small family, and she believes everyone should be able to live here, not just those who can afford a life of luxury. If you care about Cambridge, and want to see it change for the better, please get in touch or sign up to receive updates from the Gwen for City Council campaign.